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Nicholas Murdoch | Design | Cornwall UK 

Freelance designer, engineer, fabricator, and all round creative collaborator Nick Murdoch has been involved with a wide array of projects for arts and commercial settings including: festivals, events, cultural and interior installations and exhibitions.  Nick has also worked as a mechanic and is a qualified marine engineer, bringing his understanding of these fields into his creative 3D Designs.     
Working under Stuart Murdoch for many years and as a freelancer for designers such as Sam Lanyon and Rebecca McDonald.  Commissions include: Hedkandi, Help for Heroes, Coca-Cola, Secret Garden Party, Little Tykes, Covent Garden Soup Company, Indesit and OVO Energy, amongst others.    
Now working as  MURDOCH DESIGN - Click here for more info.  
New projects underway include collaborations with Cheap Date and Trebah Gardens.
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